Directions for Using
Keystone Automatic Telephones

      Refer to the Keystone Red Book and obtain the telephone number.

      Then REMOVE RECEIVER FROM HOOK, and dial number wanted.

      Supposing the number desired is Race 2478. Remove receiver from hook, listen for the dial tone, place your finger in the hole on Dial marked Race, pull the Dial around to the finger stop and release. The Dial then returns to its original position. Place your finger in the hole marked 2 and operate as before. You then repeat with the remaining numbers in same manner. When you have completed the number you will immediately hear the purring signal in your receiver caused by the bell ringing at Race 2478; and it will continue to ring until party called answers, or until you hang up your receiver.

      If the line you are calling is in use you will be informed of this fact by an intermittent buzzing sound in your receiver. This is called the Busy Signal.

      If you make a mistake, or wish to make another call, hang up your receiver for a few seconds. Then Dial the number.

      Never touch Dial while it is turning back. Doing this may interfere with your call.

      DO NOT JIGGLE receiver hook up and down while talking or waiting for party to answer, as this will disconnect you.

      If you do not hear the ringing signal after you have called a number—pull down the hook for a second or two and dial again. If there is no response the second time you dial—pull down the hook for a second or two and dial Race 03—and ask the operator to obtain the number for you.

REVERTING CALL NUMBERS (Parties on your own line)

      To call a party who is on your own line, do not use the number in the directory, but call a special number. First call information Race 02 for this number. Then Dial this special number and hang up your receiver, Your bell, and the party's bell you are calling, will commence ringing alternately. When your bell stops ringing the party has answered; take off your receiver and talk. To stop your bell ringing if party does not answer, lift your receiver for a second.